Friday, April 6, 2012

BEDA... FAIL! Script Frenzy, onward!

Okay, so instead of folding the mountains of laundry that are seriously surrounding me right now, I'm posting to tell y'all that I failed BEDA, obviously.  However, my dear friend, Inferno, and I were also taking on the Script Frenzy challenge.  On their wonderful website there is a plot generator, and since we had none, just for giggles yesterday, I decided to see what it presented us.  It was as follows:

"The Script Frenzy plot machine says: In a world ruled by chickens, a failing college freshman begins training for a life of piratehood."

As a joke, I sent Inferno a snippet that just said the chickens were on to us, and I thought we'd been sold out, and, I'm not sure if sadly or impressively, it has just taken off since then, lol.  It's mildly ridiculous, I'm not going to lie, but we were already intending to write a humor piece.  What better, honestly?

In the meanwhile, Bug and I are watching The Ant Bully, while Gnat sits in his swing, facing the general direction of the television.  I have to say, even colorful as it is, it hardly holds his attention for long.

With that being said, time for me to head off, as he sounds the alarm that he is currently displeased.  Plus the thirty tons of laundry to be folded.  Siiigh.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BEDA - Day 1

It's only day one of Blog Every Day in April, and in all honestly, I'm sprawled across our bed, posting from my cell phone. I hate days like today. I slept in this morning. Mistake number one. Cowboy was on duty last night. Bug stayed the night at Gramma's house. Gnat, after we went to bed at one, slept til nearly nine, and probably would've longer had Cowboy and I not woke him up.
We DID manage to go and pick up our gorgeous new lawn furniture (used, but still in wonderful condition, and cheap!) and get it home and unloaded. But my actual productiveness for the day ended there.
Being unproductive in a day practically ruins it for me. It makes me feel slow and lazy and sluggish and just not very useful at all. Not saying a lazy day isn't good every now and again, but today I was the only non productive one. Granted, I was monitoring Bug and Gnat, but still. I don't know. Just kind of bothers me.
Plus, I feel EXHAUSTED now. Talk about OLD.