Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guess what, it's OKAY.

Right now I am laying on my bathroom floor typing this from my cell phone, recomposing myself.
After a particularly brutal outburst of Bug's, an end-all tantrum, the calm down, and an outburst of my own that I'm not too proud of, I found myself here.
I slammed the bedroom door behind me on my way into the room, the bathroom door after that, I didn't bother with the light. I sunk down to the floor, and I bawled my ever loving eyes out. Seriously. I could have probably given Bug's meltdown a run for it's money.
Here's what I want to say to all parents out there, whether you have a child with special needs child, or whether your child is normal (whatever that means). After I "sucked it up" and sat here for a few moments to have a chat with the Big Guy (God, dears) about helping me find the strength; he reassured me that what I just did was OKAY. That's what I want to share with all of you.
It. Is. Okay.
It. Will. Be. Okay.
It's not about the breakdown and the devastation you feel in the heat of your breakdown. It's about finding the strength within to recompose. To take several deep breaths. To wash your face off, run a hand through your hair, and to get back up.
So if you feel like you need it right now, I'm here to tell you go on. Go do what you gotta do. That bathroom rug is awful soft. But remember to get back out there.
It IS going to be okay.