Saturday, October 20, 2012

Reported Findings and The Almighty Binders for itlnbrt

First things first!

In regards to the DIY Drain Cleaner/Declogger:
It does and doesn't work. If you just have generalized dirt and grime and grossness in the shower, it works wonders. IF you're like me, and have lengthy hair, you're still going to have to track down a wire hanger, or use a snake, or whatever it is you choose, to yank all that gross hair out that inevitably gets caught in there. Bright side is, if you DO use the Drain Cleaner/Declogger first, it doesn't smell like grime and grossness.

Onwards to The Almighty Binders!

I've been meaning to post these for quite some time, and in order to help out a fellow friend from Renaissance Romance Publishing, I'm FINALLY getting around to posting these!

Jennifer Garcia can be found on her personal website and on Facebook. Jennifer, these are for you!

First of all, I use plain white, 1" binders. They can be found just about ANYWHERE, you just have to shop around to figure out what's cheapest. Unless you don't care about the money spent on it, in which case, go crazy! (Listen, sometimes five bucks on something for you IS crazy around here.)

See? Plain, 1" binder. I'm going to be making slips for the sides of these, or writing on them with dry erase, which actually works relatively well on this, you just may have to rewrite them every few days. The slips are far easier.
Tons of glare, but you get the idea.

For separation purposes, just manilla folders that are three hole punched.

This is my blog planning form.
Blog/Writing Plans
For the week of:
Down the left side are "Do", "Photograph", "Get", and "Also". Pretty self-explanatory.

Blog/Writing Plans
Then there's the days of the weeks, so I can plan out what I'm writing or addressing each day... As you can see, those are currently empty. Hence the empty blog. Hey, I've been busy! Lol.

Income documents. No photos for the inside of here. Just saying. I don't need people laughing at us, whether it be you think we make too much/little, lol.

This is what's behind the income docs. As you can see, it's now labeled "Stuff" in QUITE the official manner.

Tax Related Documents, once more, pretty self-explanatory.

We buy stuff. A lot. Okay, not a lot, but we do go through cameras like nobody's business...

And we're fans of Pampered Chef, and when the vacuum crapped out a few months ago before I had a house full of people coming over the next day, I wanted to make sure I had the paperwork this go in case it happened again.
This is the section I use for the bills. Since obviously I don't want to post our accounts and information, you can find my example insert, which simply goes in the clear plastic inserts you've seen multiple times now, on my Pinterest board here. Keep in mind, you use one insert per bill! At the end of the year, you can easily file all the receipts from your bills, and prepare for the next year.

This is the back binder. These are things that are pending to be sorted, in this case, it's an order for new checks (folded down because I was too lazy to check and see if account info was even listed), and a request of change in our insurance, still pending as well.
The front pocket is also pending items. In this case, it's the receipt for the Bumbo recalls to add the straps to the seats. It's not pictured because I just realized our address was listed on it.

Onward to our "Life Binder"!

Once again, plain, 1" binder. The lines on the front are so I can record when I last updated it. I haven't updated recently, because it was created not so long ago.

This is Bear, she's helping to display my letter accepting my short story "Love Something Fierce" to be published by Renaissance Romance Publishing (at the time).
Shameless plug: That's now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Joseph-Beth, Kobo BooksSmashwords, and Sony

This is my wonderful certificate for "winning" NaNoWriMo 2011.

This is from when Gnat (and Bug too!) were dedicated at our church. Quite a proud day.

These are from Bug's Kindergarten graduation. The program and invite for parents, and then all of his superlatives and awards, including smartest of his class. Doubly proud!

This is actually in the WRONG binder, because it should be in the other one--but Take-Out menus, lol. We don't eat out ALL the time, but having them on hand for those nights when we're just running behind on schedule and cooking quick enough to feed Bug is nearly impossible. To the left of the menus, are extra inserts, always good to have on hand for any binders!

And that's about it! It's a lot simpler than you think, you just have to be willing to take the time to do it! It's well worth it in the end. To put all this together really only took me maybe two hours one afternoon after I had all the supplies. Of course, acquiring the supplies is relatively easy too!

At this point, I'll be making another binder as well strictly for writing, not just on my blogs, but for the publishing company as well, since I'm an editor and writer for them. It will just help me keep even more organized, and give my aunt even more reason to harass me.

Jennifer, and anyone else who reads, I hope this helped you out!