Meet the Family

Meet: My Cowboy (Sailor) and Me

Just a young couple in life. We met, we fell in love. It was tragedy, it was comedy, it was a mess, it was beautiful. It is us.
And yes, I really am that short compared to him.

Meet: Bug

Five-years-old and a ball of energy. I can't even begin to describe the ball of energy he is. He's something else, something different, and I love him even more for that. I wish I could experience the world through his point of view for a day; because I just know it would be spectacular.

Meet: Gnat

So kindly nick-named for this blog 1) because his favorite person, "Bug", is... Well... Bug, and 2) because Grandpa tried to text me "Nat" one day, and autocorrected to Gnat. It works for us. One-year-old and the King of the Cheerios. He's silly, loves to play catch, and his a MAJOR ladies' man.

Other People You'll See Mentioned
Gramma (My Mom)
Pop Pop (My Mom's Boyfriend)
Nonna (My grandmother, boys' great-grandmother)
Grandpa (My Dad)
Granddad (Cowboy's Dad)
Noni (Cowboy's Mom)
Aunt Lis (My BFF of 10+ years)
Aunt Britt (Also BFF of 10+ years)
Baby J (My "niece")

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