Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's a Sleepover Without Popcorn?

Yesterday afternoon I had a really good idea. That's not to say I never had good ideas, just that this was really good. I finally dragged the bread maker my grandmother gave me (two months ago) to the edge of the counter, dusted off the top of it, and decided to save our family some more money, by making homemade bread. Followed all the directions, waited for it to ding, put it on the cooling rack, and this gorgeous loaf came out.

Doesn't it look DELICIOUS? It is!
Good old white bread, super easy to make, all things I had in the house already. Then, I had another good idea! Also, a pretty good one! To slice it up into sandwich slices so we can use it like white bread from the store! Brilliant! Then, came my not so great idea...

Yeahhh... That's a huge mess.
I cut the bread while it was on top of the cooling rack. While that delicious, crisp crust was tasty... It was just a huge freaking mess all over my stove top. Whoops?

Last night was interesting. As always, Bug sat up in bed and talked to himself for a loooong time. Note all the emphasis on that. He'd been on a roll all night, just chatting away to himself even during playtime and reading time. While he was still playing, in the midst of everything, I happened to catch this:

"Don't worry, m'lady, I'm here to help you survive."

Whoa. What? Yes, m'lady. Yes, emphasis on survive. No idea, but it definitely made me stop and wonder if I shouldn't be listening in more often. Shouldn't we all? I really wish I had paid more attention to what had been going on before that. I didn't catch much of what was going on after that, because I was so stunned by what he had said. Not just "I'm here to help you", but I'm here to help you survive. Just... Mind blowing.

Then, there's today. When he got himself wedged between six trees. Not stuck, wedged. Not two trees, six. I'm not really sure how he did it because it only took him being outside for about three minutes while I was prepping lunch. No, I didn't take a picture. While a lot of people found it funny, and said I should have taken a picture, they also didn't experience it. Bug was terrified. Of course, he was terrified, and the whole ordeal flung him into a frenzy. This led to him being even more wedged in there. Did I mention he was also sideways? I had to kneel down, threshold lock my arms around him, and lift him directly up to get him out. That was after I tried just boosting him. The bruising started forming today, so by tomorrow I might have pictures to share on that.

He spent the rest of the afternoon playing inside.

This evening, to repay our dear friend who kept Bug and Gnat so Cowboy and I could have a night alone last week, we keep The Twins. The Twins, newly four-year-olds, are absolutely adorable, and like family to us (as well as their momma and daddy). By we kept The Twins, though, I mean Cowboy is on overnight duty at work and it was Bug (5 1/2), The Twins (4), and Gnat (1). Whew. Lol. It was a blast though! We ate pizza bite things (thanks, Pinterest!), they kicked back and watched Alice in Wonderland circa '51 and Dumbo and enjoyed popcorn. Twin 2 is a popcorn MACHINE. It's insane, seriously. This kid could eat three bags of popcorn to himself and be happier than ever.

The giant in the jersey to the right would be Bug.
We don't watch football 'round here, but Grandma does!
Twin 1 is closest, Twin 2, furthest.

Bedtime went fairly well. Gnat went down earlier than the rest of the gang, poor baby's teething. After they finished watching Dumbo Bug, The Twins, and I said prayers.

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
and if I die a'fore I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
That's Bug's usual prayer that we say every night. We're going to start here soon with expanding that. Twin 1, on the other hand...

I pray for the butterflies... And Mommy... And Daddy... And Twin 2... And Auntie Re (that's me)... And Baby Gnat... And Aiden... And Uncle Matt... And the other butterflies... And the flowers.... AMEN!

Sooo, yeah. That was interesting! Lol. Twin 2 opted out for open prayer, and instead said a line or two of Bug's and then was ready to go to sleep.

All and all, it was a great night; however, since this is a sleepover, I will have a house full of children ready to eat, so away to bed I go!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Guess what!
I officially have a Facebook page! Technically speaking, it's live!
But my silly phone won't let me share the link, and my Blogger app isn't working right noe... So... yeah...
Share with you tomorrow*?
What can you check out that's new today?
Whelp, our Meet the Family page, that's what! Just some pictures of the gang and a quick blurb about each of us. :)

*And by tomorrow, I totally mean Thursday when I post again... but maybe actually tomorrow... but count on Thursday, not tomorrow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New [More Often] Updating Schedule!

So, I'm still working on exactly what this blog is going to be for. As of right now, it's just life, in general, as a whole. The recipe of our lives. The day-to-day events that occur around here.
I've decided the best way to get this going is to MAKE myself update. So, I will be updating this blog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I don't know what times, but expect to see posts in the evenings, because that's when I usually have time.
Now that he's up WAY past bedtime (oops? He was good today, he gets some slack); it's time to get Bug into bed. Especially since someone is "invading his side of the universe" upstairs, and I might have to battle some aliens before he can be tucked in.
Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post!