Monday, August 13, 2012

Putting Pinterest Finds to the Test!

For those of you who don't know--I have semi-longish hair compared to most people.  For those of you with children--you know as well as I do that one of the many glories of pregnancy, for all its faults, is the fact your hair doesn't shed!  I, unfortunately for this aspect, am no longer pregnant.  Because of this, we're not six months out, and I have a clogged drain due to it.  Good ol' Pinterest led me to the following:

Just Us Girls: DIY: Drain Cleaner/Declogger

Supposedly all you have to do is the following (for those of you too lazy to click the link, let's face it, sometimes I am too):

1/4 Cup of Baking Soda
1/2 Cup of Vinegar (Double bonus if you have the cleaning grade Vinegar, who even knew THAT existed?!)

Pour your Baking Soda into whatever the thing that needs unclogging may be (in this case, my tub).
Pour in the Vinegar.
Let sit for 10-15 Minutes (is what I'm going to do)
Pour hot water down the sink

Well folks, tomorrow I'll let you know how THAT experiment went... And I'll be doing another experiment. As soon as I find empty freaking spray bottles! LOL!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

We are worms!

Okay, shame on me! I know. I always promise to update more, and then I forget! Tomorrow will have been two dang months! In my defense though, I've been quite the busy woman! Between kids, FRG, work, kids, husband, and kids (did I mention kids???) things have been hectic! I'm trying to get back in the groove of things once more though!  So thing should be better soon!
Let's start with this: Last Wednesday, Cowboy left for a six month deployment upon a submarine. For those who are not aware, submarines have very limited contact to the real world, and just be happy you hear something at some point. I know deployments are hard on everyone in their own ways; however, submariners do not have the luxury of things such as Facebook and Skype on any sort of semi-regular basis. If they pull in to port they can use them, sometimes, maybe... Don't actually count on it though.
Yesterday, Cowboy returned from said six month deployment.  No, you're not doing the math wrong, he was only gone for seven days.  Due to some issues (everyone is physically safe! Mentally they were all questionable to begin with, lol) they've had to do an emergency return, and are here for an undetermined amount of time.  (Don't worry, once he's gone again, you'll all be well aware.)
I did not cry when he left. As a matter of fact, I received an e-mail from him once he was gone that said, and quote,
"I love you and I miss you. Stay strong for everyone babe, like I know that you are."
As a matter of fact, I have it printed on white cardstock to be framed and placed in our bedroom on the wall so I can have it as a reminder while he's gone.  He was exactly right though, I was staying strong for everyone.  Bug, Gnat, close friends, other wives, etc.; however, when I received word that they would be returning, I was absolutely furious.
Yes, yes, I had a wonderful night with him last night!  I was happy to see him, but who wants to go through a rough goodbye after you just did it a week ago?  Who wants to deal with a child who was already sat down once and told Dad was leaving for a long time, yet, here he is in the house?
Honestly, I didn't want him to come home.  I was furious to the point of tears with a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Parrish, (shameless plug: she is hosting her own blog throughout the deployment, to be found at:, telling her that if they were only going to be home for a day, that I absolutely did not want to see him, and did not want him stepping foot into our house.
Again, I love my husband. I waited an extremely uncertain two and a half years to finally be with my husband.  We had an extremely rough run before we ever started, and came out victorious on the other side!  But that didn't change the fact that he would, however unintentionally, be causing a major disruption in our lives, that take about a week to adjust back to him not being here!
Be certain now though, I'm thrilled that he's here again; however long or short that time may be.  In other news...
OH! The blog title... I know SOMEONE out there has had to have seen Hercules.  I've tried searching for just the clip of Pain and Panic doing the, "We are worms!" bit, but I just can't seem to find it!  Lol!  For those of you who don't know, they're the minions to Hades, and they "forgot" to do something, granted it wasn't blog posting, but you catch the drift!
Take care everyone!!!  Posts WILL be coming more often!