Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Wooden Roses, and Life... Itself!

Okay, so the life itself thing was kind of a lame joke, but if you've ever been to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you'll get it. Or maybe I just really am that weird... Meh... Whatever!

So Cowboy and I were finally able to have our wedding ceremony, and what a fantastic day it was. There are some things, of course, that led up to that day. One of the first of these things were the wooden roses. It was one of the first gifts he'd ever given me, and it was the first gift he'd ever given me just because...

These suckers are nearly four years old, and they've been cut down to fit in this cute little jar I have, that way they can live on my desk and I can admire them always. With how hectic life tends to be, I've been feeling like Cowboy's getting left in the dust here lately. Ironic, considering he's the one who has to leave for large periods of time at a time for work, but maybe that's a contributing factor? While he was on deployment I wrote him a letter everyday for while he was gone, though I may not have always emailed him, or even had the capability of emailing him. But that letter was written at the end of every night, never fail.

This post, is a gush post. Feel free to stop reading now, as you have been warned!

March 4th, 2011 at approximately seven thirty pm Cowboy proposed to me. In quite an unorthodox manner. He'd been gone for Valentine's Day, and had just returned a few days beforehand. We were already living together at this point, it seemed silly not to. He spent all of his free time at the house already, and if he wasn't at the house, we were out with Bug doing something or the other. He was cramped up in a tiny barracks room on base, that he had to share with someone else, it was the best decision all around.

I'd made reservations at The Melting Pot on March 4th. It was the first Saturday he'd be home in quite a long while, and I figured it'd be a nice surprise. All he knew was to dress up, and be ready to leave by six. We lived a ways from the restaurant. I even went so far as to blindfold him for part of the way there. Yeah, I'm lame, I know.

We arrived at the restaurant, made our way back to a precious alcove in the restaurant, with a two person booth, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of wine already chilling on the table. Never having been to the restaurant before, I figured that it was just how all the tables were set up. We settled in, Cowboy asks if I would like a glass of wine, and with him in his button up, slacks, and sports jacket, and me in my super classy dress, at this gorgeous, expensive restaurant...

See? Classy!
"Baby, that's crazy. They probably charge an extra thirty dollars if you crack that bottle! We can buy the same one for twelve on the way home!"

Yeah... SUPER classy. Listen, we were trying to buy a house. I wanted it to be a special night, it didn't need to be that special. After much assurance that the bottle and bouquet belonged to us and were ours to have, and the dunce I am not thinking twice about it, I went ahead and had a glass... and then I saw the menu and had two more glasses.

We had a FANTASTIC meal, and our waitress, though hard to understand, was an absolute sweetheart. (She had just recently moved here, and English was not her first language. I wish I could remember her name, because she was fantastic!) We'd chosen a three course meal for two, and it was simply amazing. Finally dessert rolled around, and the lovely waitress comes out, and says, "I believe this is for the lady, extra special, just for her." And sets this down in front of me...

If you look extra close, tucked inside the rose petals is my engagement ring. He insists I cried, I insist I didn't, but what I did do was smother him in the biggest, most obnoxious, public kiss EVER. Apparently it wasn't enough of an answer, so he had to double-check with a, "So... is that a yes?" Cue big, cheesy, newly engaged grins. Eventually leading to our engagement, and engagement pictures (that first one up there), a wedding, and finally a full wedding ceremony to celebrate two years of marriage...

Supposedly this is called a "high fashion" shot. I call it a, "Damn this dress makes my waist and boobs look fantastic, and my husband more than agrees" shot. Lol! We also celebrated Cowboy making first class, which meant a rush to get that spiffy uniform he's in to have the new patch with three stripes added on, but who cares? It was lovely.

The point of this post... Well, even with this fantastic wedding ceremony, there was a lot of stress leading up to and following it. We still don't know what's going on with Bug, and I had taken him to two appointments during that week. Including having to drive out of state to handle a three-year-old speeding ticket. Plus the possibility of having to move in four (now three) months, and just a myriad of things. Unfortunately, Cowboy had to leave mere days after the ceremony, and still has not returned yet.

In the throes of this, and ongoing appointments for Bug, and a teething Gnat who has been miserable, plus trying to get back to this blog, while still managing my author blog, as well as launching an editing company that sparked a bit faster than I anticipated, it's been difficult to remember to leave time for Cowboy. I love him more than ever, and I love that he supports me, and what I do. I could not have asked for a more perfect man, and our time together has been some of the happiest, brightest times of my entire life, and I can't wait to see where the next adventure takes us.

Cowboy, I know I don't always get to tell you, and sometimes I'm a grumpy grump (yes, that's the term we use in this house), and I know work is hard, and that you hate cleaning the litter box as much as I do, yet you do it anyway, and then you spoil the cat rotten after cussing her name out the entire time, and that it's a pain in the butt to find time for us at the end of every night that's not both of us passing out watching Netflix on our respective phones, but I love you. I love you to the moon and back, and twenty-thousand leagues under the sea. Though you've assured me that the sub doesn't go that deep. I love you.

*All photos with a tag are from the wonderful Devon Shanor of Devon Shanor Photographer... As per usual. We love you, Devon!

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